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People enjoyed it. While you're having fun, you're also unconsciously soaking in this incredible content and tools that the game/challenge is giving you. We covered a lot of ground in just a short period of time.

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Stage 1

Flowformance Assessment & Alignment Session

This 360 degree comprehensive Flow profiling will be a crucial tool for your own self-awareness enhancement as well as a key element for the customization of your program. In your 1 on 1 session our Master facilitator will get to know you personally so we can make sure your program is truly meaningful to you.

Stage 2

In this 12 weeks world-class challenge you will master the number 1 ability of the 21st century. Accessing your FlowSelf on demand will unlock your Peak Performance, Wellbeing and will give you access to SuperHuman abilities that will set you apart in this new complex global scenario.

As a byproduct of mastering this ability you will skyrocket your capacity for adaptability, resilience, creative problem solving, faster skill acquisition and much more.

FlowSelf Challenge

Stage 3

Soft Skills Embodiment

For the remaining duration of our 12 month program you will have unlimited access to the most award winning virtual simulators for corporative training in the world.

Adopted by leader organizations around the globe, this incredible platform will enable you to embody the most valuable soft skills of today and future in a safe environment through an incredible innovative practical and experiential game learning experience.

Stage 4

Now that you have successfully graduated from our program you will gain access to our incredible market place with the best Employers, Organizations and Projects so that you can level up their success and put your new developed SuperHuman abilities to the test.

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new abilities

Training for youth Difference Makers

Practical & Experiential

Peak Performance is not just about what you know, but it`s all about what you DO with what you know in a stressful or challenging situation.

Our approach is simple - we train your subconscious mind and teach you how to access higher conscious states on demand. Our revolutionary practical and experiential methodology will equip you to maintain your highest level of performance regardless of where you find yourself in.

Scientific & Innovative

Our innovative methodology is rigorously scientific based and integrates a wide range of disciplines to give you a solid holistic foundation. We use the most cutting edge technologies and techniques in our trainings to track and measure your results and performance. It is all about ensuring you genuinely achieve groundbreaking results in your personal and professional life.

Gamification Approach

Keeping you fully engaged with our program is crucial to your success. Take on our challenges to truly stretch your limits, win incredible rewards, point system with leaderboard, healthy peer competition, mystery group experiences and much more. We went all in for

Real Life Applicability

Everything we do is to guarantee a seamless applicability of your new developed SuperHuman abilities in your personal and professional life. Would you like to positively transform your life and become a catalyst of positive change for those around you and ultimately the planet? Our entire program is designed for you.

Who WE are

is who YOU are

Committed to a purpose

Compliant with the norm

Unique & Authentic

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Sustainable Solution

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Dull & Disengaged

Active Disruptors

Spectator of Disruptions

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Your Flow mastery so that you can unlock your SuperHuman abilities to make a difference in your world.

To connect you with the best Organizations, Employers and Projects so that you can leverage your abilities in your professional career

We are not in the BUSINESS of education.

We are in the EDUCATION of business through people.

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